Spacious Class Room

class room

Computer Lab

Computer Lab


The modern society is developing in a speedy way. Computers are playing vital role in the day today life of the people. Every one thinks to adjust his life to the changing society. The knowledge of computer is essential for adjusting our life to the speedy society. Hence we take much care in developing modern knowledge among the students. Computer is one of the learning subject in our school. Qualified computer Instructors are appointed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge of computers.  There are 24 Computers in the lab. Students in batches go to learn computer practically.

Science Lab

sci lab


Learning science will be effective when it is studied with necessary experiments. It is well equipped with all necessary apparatus and furniture. Science laboratory has got wide space, scientific instruments and suitable furniture facilities, which enables the students to perform the experiments comfortably. The science teachers takes much care while students are performing the practical. Nearly 40 students can do experiments on various topics of Chemistry, Physics and Biology at a time. The school will provide sufficient lab apparatus, chemicals and other practical materials right in time. Models, Charts of creatures, scientists are available in the lab.

Math Lab

math lab


Mathematical lab is also arranged in the school as to provide visual knowledge of different geometrical, mathematical figures. Instruments of learning multiplication tables, teaching aids for learning additions, subtractions, division etc. are also arranged in the maths lab. Students will be given complete knowledge on basic principles of maths through using the maths lab.

Art Room

art room

Lady Attender

Lady attender

Outdoor Sports

out door sports


Playing is nature of the children. They spend much time in playing different games. Playing games gives them sound physical development. Our school gives more importance for phycical training. We have got a wide spaced play ground in front of the school building. The qualified phycical instructor is appointed to teach physical education. The ground is having facilities for playing Kho-Kho, Kabbaddi, Volley ball, Throw ball, Foot ball, Cricket, various athletes etc.

Indoor Sports

indoor sports