* Parents are requested to read the detailed TC rules at length, which are available at the school office.
* A calendar month’s notice in writing must be given before the end of the academic year, requesting for the issue of Transfer Certificate. (End of academic year 31st March)
* Transfer Certificate will be issued only when applied for in writing at least One Month in advance.
* Withdrawal form to be duly filled by the parent. TC will be issued only after the student gets the clearance certificate from the various departments of the school.
* In case of mid-term withdrawal of the child, the fees due till the end of term must be remitted and no refund is permitted under any circumstances.
* Transfer certificate is issued only after all the dues of the school are settled.
* Cancellation of TC after it has been prepared is liable for Re admission.
* Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds –
1. Discipline
2. Unsatisfactory progress in academics.
3. Detention or repeated detention in class.
* Re-Admission : If the school fees are not paid on time.