Traditions to be kept

Every student must Endeavour :
To be smart and neatly dressed.
To converse only in English while in the school premises.
To be polite, courteous and well – mannered.
To respect parents, teachers and elders.
To take proper care of books, note books and other belongings.
To accept what so ever work is assigned with joy, pride and enthusiasm.
To respect and preserve school property and report at once to the teacher of any damage or danger to it that you may observe.
To avoid dropping paper in school premises or out of the windows, and to pick up such paper when found.
Water and electricity are precious, do not waste them.
To learn and observe good manners everyday.
Never loiter aimlessly along corridors, run about , shout or whistle.
To stand respectfully during the school prayer and National Anthem.
To accept defeat with a smile in true sportsman spirit.
To use the magical words such as ‘‘Thank you’’ , “Sorry”, “Please” and “Excuse me”
To strive to attain excellence in whatever we do.
To keep your surroundings clean & be environmentally conscious.